Rainbow Trout with Kohlrabi and Caper-Vinaigrette

Did you like kohlrabi as a child? Me neither. It’s strange that with increasing age some ingredients I used to push aside on my plate, I’m now becoming a fan of. This is the case for example with brussel sprouts or kohlrabi (though with pattypan squash I still can’t get along). One of the secrets for good kohlrabi is to use only young produce and trim all potential woody parts from its bottom. Even raw it tastes great with its sweet flavor. Beyond cooking you can also grill, roast or sauté kohlrabi, although I recommend to cook them first, otherwise the center will remain raw. Precooked kohlrabi sticks are also great for salad, e.g. with this mustard seed and caper-vinaigrette. Both the seeds and the capers have a nice mustard taste, which pairs really well with the slight sweetness of the kohlrabi.

Rainbow Trout with Roasted Kohlrabi, Kohlrabi Sauce, Caper-Vinaigrette and Potato Puree

Usually, the trimmings of kohlrabi – like its peel, stalks and leaves – are considered as waste.  I always recommend using the finely chopped peelings and stalks for cooking a kohlrabi stock, which you can sieve and use as a flavorful cooking liquid for the kohlrabi itself. The cooked trimmings along with the leaves can be also utilized as a vibrant green kohlrabi sauce which adds some color to the final dish. Always chill the kohlrabi leaves in ice water immediately after cooking, otherwise they will become unpleasantly brown and grey. The leaves have a slight sour taste, which I took further in the fresh direction by adding some buttermilk. It paired really well with the trout and the roasted kohlrabi.


6 thoughts on “Rainbow Trout with Kohlrabi and Caper-Vinaigrette

  1. Reem

    Your trout looks perfectly cooked and yummy!! What a wonderful way to use kohlrabi, I use it alot but this sure looks interesting… Love it.

  2. Robert Post author

    myFudo: Thank you! Preparing trout is pretty simple, the only tricky part is knowing your stove to get the temperature right. The pan has to be hot, but not smoking hot. Kohlrabi has a very nice juicy texture after cooking it.

    Reem: Thank you! Well, this is also a very handy way to use kohlrabi, because you can precook them also the day before. When serving, you only need to roast them shortly in a pan and while roasting they get reheated.

  3. Boboc Mihai

    Nice dish and I think is olso very tasty.
    I have a question regarding the kohlrabi. How much you time you have to cook in the remaining liquid?

    Thank for your answer


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