Pumpkin Seed Soufflé with Butternut Squash Sauce

There are plenty of different butters and purees available made purely from nuts, such as peanut butter, almond paste or hazelnut nougat. They all work great in desserts, so I thought a butter made from pumpkin seeds might work in sweets well, too. Although its taste resembles the hazelnut nougat flavor, at the same time it also has a nice pumpkin seed aroma. The consistency of the pure butter is quite thick and first it looks brown, but if you loosen it up with some water or other liquid its color turns into dirty green and the butter gets creamy again. It can be used in batters or creams to both flavor and color them. This also gave me the idea to try the pumpkin seed butter in a soufflé.

Pumpkin Seed Souffle with Butternut Squash Sauce

The soufflé batter itself is very simple since it contains only separated eggs, sugar, some orange zest and the pumpkin seed butter. Instead of bread crumbs or flour I used crushed pumpkin seeds to line the molds. As an accompaniment I cooked some very ripe and sweet butternut squash into a syrup like consistency, which I poured over the soufflé at the table. The soufflé was very delicious already on its own, but complemented with the bright orange velvety sauce: I believe anyone who loves butternut will call this dessert among his or her favorites.


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  1. Robert Post author

    Thank you, Noémi and Kellie! This creation is actually pretty simple and minimalistic. As long as you find some pumpkin seed butter – I got mine from a friend from here.

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