Buckwheat with Mozzarella, Grapefruit and Raw Cauliflower

Recently, I’ve been using the Foodpairing Explorer even more than usual. I created many interesting combinations, but with most of them I’m still thinking about the optimal ratios, preparations and presentations. The ingredient combination for this fast and simple vegetarian dish is based on a combo list too, which I linked together recently on Foodpairing.

Buckwheat with Mozzarella, Grapefruit and Raw Cauliflower

For several years, I knew buckwheat only sprinkled on top of small Hungarian salty pastries (Pogácsa) which my grandmother used to bake. So this dish was the first time I cooked buckwheat. I really enjoyed it’s nutty taste and pleasant texture, so I’ll definitely use it more often in the future as an ingredient for fast, simple and nutritious suppers. I’ve put some pieces of drained mozzarella and grapefruit on top of the cooked buckwheat, which added a soft texture, and a salty and slightly sour taste to the dish. I finished the dish with paper thin slices of raw cauliflower and some mixed greens. The raw cauliflower paired especially well with the buckwheat and the grapefruit helped enhancing all flavors. The light and fresh spectrum of flavors in this dish makes it a perfect appetizer.


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